I'm always adding more paintings These are only a small number of paintings in my current portfolio. Having sold many  paintings over the years, my interest vary from traditional still life,  Marine and figure and even horse racing! -  painting is my passion

Images of  Paintings in oil - watercolor &

 colored pencil

" Le Cafe Elan "  Watercolor

Elaine Porter - Artistic Expressions

" Memories of Summer" Sold

"Slack Tide'      Watercolor   Silver wood frame Archival Matting  Approx. 26 x 36"

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Undulation 60x48" Oil on Canvas -Collection The Tran Family

Your ideas are most welcomed.  I love doing commissions .

Contact me at elainestudio@aol.com

"Lilly Bell "  Oil on Canvas  22X28"

" Fish Tales "   Oil on Canvas 22x28"

" There are painters who transform the sun into a yellow spot, and then there are painters who, with the help of their art and their intelligence, transform a yellow spot into the sun."... Pablo Picasso

These are just a small selection of paintings .  I will be adding more as time allows...

This is a photo I took of my oldest Grandson, Mathew, when he was 6. He is now  a proud Marine with a beautiful wife and child.

I see this as a watercolor with all the detail. I hope and believe it could be anyone's grandson or son, as a child - a memory to cherish.

Future inspirartions shot at Beavertail for studio painting this winter.


 Florida Garden   Oil on Canvas 16x20"

Lilies In  My Garden 

​​​​"Rushing Waters"  Sold

"18th Hole  Cypress Landing "  Oil On Canvas   28 x 36 approx.

Welcome to my world...